Using our site

This site is very large with a great deal of information published on it for a wide range of users. The site incorporates an approach to the navigational structure that is intended to make it easier for people to find the information they need. However, if you should have difficulty finding what you want there are a number of navigation aids available to assist you:

Global navigation on redesigned pages

The site includes a set of global navigation links across the top of each page which divide the whole website into eight broad categories: HOME, FELLOWSHIP GUIDANCEAPPLICATIONSSPONSOR PROFILESFACILITIESFELLOW PROFILES and VISIT US. If you find yourself getting a bit lost, you can try starting again at one of these ‘gateway’ pages.

Search box

On all pages a search box is available at the top right hand side of the page allowing you to type in your search terms and search the University site. Advanced search options are available from the search results page.

Breadcrumb trail

We provide a breadcrumb trail feature above the main content of each page to show you the path from the home page to where you are in the site.

Site map

If you are having trouble finding the information you are looking for, a full site map is available. This currently only includes the pages that incorporate the new design and have been built in our new content management system. All pages in the former corporate template have a link at the top right of the page to an A-Z index, and this includes pages across our whole site.


We aim to ensure our website complies with accepted accessibility guidelines and web standards. More information about how we implement these standards, and features we have incorporated to improve the accessibility of our pages, can be found in our Accessibility page. If you experience problems accessing information on this website please contact us.

Website feedback

We welcome questions or comments on any matter regarding our website. These comments should be sent to the Website Admin.