Fellowship holders are expected to partner with at least two sponsors with complementary expertise.

Explore the expertise offered by the sponsors supporting the Skills Development Fellowship scheme and consider who you might like to sponsor your fellowship position.

The list of sponsors is flexible; and any member of academic staff (other than those from the Host Leadership Team) can sponsor the Skills Development Fellowship scheme. Further information on the relevant departments and potential sponsors can be found below.

Living Systems Institute

The new Living Systems Institute (LSI) will pioneer novel approaches to understanding living systems and the diseases that afflict them. This will inform prediction, diagnosis and treatment strategies for some of the most severe diseases facing humanity, spanning a broad spectrum, from chronic neurodegenerative diseases to the animal and plant diseases that threaten food security. The LSI will build on significant established research strengths in human, animal and plant diseases, and incorporate innovative diagnostic imaging technologies and powerful mathematical modelling capabilities.

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The Institute of Biomedical & Clinical Science (IBCS)

The University of Exeter Institute of Biomedical & Clinical Science research delivers direct benefit to patients, the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry. The Institute’s aim is to understand the underlying molecular and genetic basis of disease and to apply this knowledge in innovative ways that lead to improved treatment and a better quality of life for patients. The Medical School’s researchers and clinicians work closely together to ensure that our research is directly targeted to clinical need.

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The Institute of Health Research (IHR)

The University of Exeter Institute of Health Research strengths lie in applied health research and underpinning methodological work. Its focuses on research that reflects the needs of patients and of health service providers, based on partnership with the NHS and other public bodies and a strong commitment to public involvement.

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Biosciences at Exeter sits within the Streatham Campus, a registered botanic garden and readily acknowledged as one of the most beautiful in the country. Here, we explore the biology and chemistry that underpins our complex, dynamic natural world, creating new knowledge, communicating it to a wide audience, and applying it to some of society’s biggest issues. Our community of scholars Рacademics, students, research groups, professional support staff and collaborators Рwork together to make this a vibrant, stimulating and forward-thinking environment in which to work and study.

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