Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 has been in force since January 2005. The Act is designed to help increase confidence in public authorities through a greater transparency and openness about procedures and decision-making. FOI places two main responsibilities on the University:

1. To produce a Publication Scheme

Under the Act the University is obliged to produce a Publication Scheme and Guide to Information identifying all the information that the University already publishes. The scheme includes information such as the University Committee structure, term dates, procedures etc. The University has adopted the Information Commissioner’s model publication scheme (external link).

2. To respond to requests for Information

FOI gives everyone both from within and outside of the University a right of access to recorded information held by the University. Individuals have the right to be told whether or not the University holds the information and if it is to have the information communicated to them. The University has 20 working days in which to deal with the request.

It is important to note that FOI does not mean that all information must be provided in response to a request, there are reasons including Data Protection, Confidentiality and Commercial Interests that may exempt the information for being provided.

If you wish to request information from the University

If the information you want to request is about yourself, you can do so under the Data Protection Act.

If the information is not about yourself, check the University’s Publication Scheme and Guide to Information.

If the information you require is in our scheme, the scheme will indicate how you can obtain a copy.

If the information you require is not in our Publication scheme please contact the University in writing. To help us manage your requests please ensure that you include a description of the information you require and an address to which we can provide the information, please send your request to:

Records Manager
The University of Exeter
Governance & Compliance
Northcote House
The Queen’s Drive
Or electronically to:

If the information disclosed is a dataset and has been requested in an electronic format, it must be provided in a reusable format this means that it should be machine-readable and in a format based on open standards, rather than a proprietary format. We will normally provide these datasets as a spreadsheet in a CSV (comma separated value) format.  After a dataset has been disclosed it will be published on the University’s website.

If the dataset is a relevant copyright work, it will be provided under the terms of a specified licence.

Further information is available on the Records Management Pages